frontPlanner basic module

With the basic module in frontPlanner you get a complete management system that can handle all phases of events, courses and lectures - from planning to finishing the course when the course is held.

How basic templates for events, courses, lectures, etc. are created once and reused again and again. When the year's activities are published copied from the base template, then it is only necessary to apply time, place and teacher.

With a single click, the course is published on the Internet. In frontPlanner, unlimited number of sub sites can be administered to individual customers . Are you a provider of events, lectures, courses, etc., frontPlanner can give each customer an individual calendar that reflects exactly their acquired benefits even with the customer's own logo.

Either comes in automatically via the Internet or created by frontPlanner users. Registration form completed by the participant can be adjusted individually for each activity and it automatically sends you a receipt for registration (e-mail/letter). Can even be adjusted individually for each Activity-based template.

Is the automation of daily routines such as handling of the cancellation, enrollments and waiting lists and correspondence with participants, trainers and holding places. Furthermore, frontPlanner sends automatic orders for materials, lunch, envelopes, fruit etc. via mailadvisering to internal or external suppliers. The system retrieves information even on the number of registered participants and sends to the desired recipient.

Printing name badges, participant lists, certificates and the opportunity for online participation protocol, where teachers can record the attendance and cancellation reasons. Lists for completion of protocol is configurable in frontPlanner.  Such as "failed to show up" automatically triggers in the collection if agreed.

Production of statistics on the course and preparing the next course.

Grundmodulets benefits
By using the basic module in frontPlanner you get a wide range of benefits including:
- Minimal administration
- Effective planning
- Save time and money
- The customer experiences simple, professional and consistent correspondence from you as a company EVERY TIME.
- Automatic broadcast of reminder and participant lists for students, suppliers and educators
- Your customers / students only see the current updated offer of course directory / Event Calendar.
- Increased monitoring of the total course offerings with search functions.
- Participants / students have their own access to login to future and past courses and obtain the certificates

Why you should use frontPlanner?
Our studies show that a company that offers 4 courses per month each with 15 participants can save over £ 90,000 in administration per
Provider for 10 courses per month saves 200,000 pounds per year.
The larger the training event greater the savings.

The savings are obviously individual and depends on how the courses are offered today. We,
front avenue are always available without obligation to calculate your exact savings.
Can frontPlanner meet our specific course-event management needs?
Yes, frontPlanner is flexible, modular and configurable.
This means that you get the right solution that meets your specific needs. Neither more nor less.

Do you have more needs than the basic module offers? Click on Advanced Module and read about the specific expansion modules that are also available in frontPlanner.

 Basic Module

  Advanced Module

 Custom Configuration

   How do I get more information about frontPlanner?
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