frontPlanner expansion modules

Besides the basic module, which is always included in frontPlanner, it is also possible to expand with various additional modules, each giving you a set of valuable tools that cover a particular aspect of running a course-event business.
You can in this context always get quality sparring of frontAvenues' experienced consultants when it comes to the modules to make the most sense for your particular course of business.

Allows you to manage, record and display all financial transactions related to events and to export the accounting entries to the economic system.

DIBS integration
If you need direct online payment you can let participants pay for their courses online, through an integrated DIBS solution. (Danish Internet Payment Service).

The integration of DIBS requires you to take the desired subscription at DIBS. The very simple interface for payments lies in DIBS.
We expect DIBS as Scandinavia's leading supplier of payment solutions. DIBS is the best to meet customers' individual needs in internet payment.

In the form of questionnaires with self-chosen questions. The questionnaire is sent by mail to instructors or participants of a given activity and answered via the link in the mail on a dedicated website.
Subsequently it is possible to lead statistics on such academic content, rating of education, participants' perception of catering facilities etc.

Taking into account the special requirements. For example, Professional organizations that provide training activities including
handling of trust and definition of political responsibility.

Dynamic Reports
Is a module where advanced data extraction can be configured. For example,
can give a detailed overview of the economy behind the course of the business or personal database that is available.

Can assign competencies for courses, people and job profiles.
This means that the people skills are updated continuously as they conduct training.

Multi Organizer
Is a module that allows you to handle more operators in the same organization. The administration of courses and events can be delegated to different independent divisions or subsidiaries.
For example, larger organizations have a need for limited insight into the "competing" department courses and events, while the central units have a need to pull the reports across.

Microsoft AD integration
An integration of the company's Active Directory means that the information on users and participants are always fully updated in frontPlanner - wherever they are maintained.

Do you have additional requirements for course administration?
If frontPlanners' basic module and extension modules does not meet all your requirements for a management system, we can offer you a special configuration of frontPlanner. We have successfully offered to customers such as HK and LO.
Click on the Customer configuration link and read more about the possibilities for a special configuration of frontPlanner.

Basic Module   

 Advanced Module

  Custom Configuration

How do I get more information about frontPlanner?
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